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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Revlon Satin Eye Shadow

In an effort to beat the winter blues, I'm primping.  My mother always told me that it's painful to be beautiful.  However, she never really talked to me about how friggin' expensive it can be.  So... here is an option for blissful beauty for under five bucks.  GET IT HERE

Revlon Satin Eye Shadow pulled me in with some pretty snazzy colors.  There was black... and purple... and something with a name like peacock lustre.  Personally, I spell it "luster"... but whatever Revlon... it's your name on the package.

I digress.  I was instantly thinking about drama and glamor.  I nearly went with the black shade because it had some sparkle.  However, I'm glad I did not.  This stuff has some serious pigmentation!!  That's a good thing.  It is, however, something you should know before purchasing the product, though.

I chose Polished Bronze as my color.  (by the way... brown shades really pump up blue eyes if ya got 'em)  This was a great choice.  Had I gone with peacocks on my eyes.... we would have taken a trip back to the 80's.  {disclaimer:  not that you shouldn't buy the beautiful color -- just don't wear it as an all-over eye color}

I chose a light rose color as the highlight shade with the satin product.  It blended well.  A male co-worker noticed the color immediately... surprisingly.  He noted it looked like a smokey eye.  This seems to be the effect many women are going for these days.  I was very impressed.

So what's in a name?  It's called satin, right?  Revlon claims velvety smooth textures.  And it does feel pretty fantastic on the eye lid.  It glides on pretty smoothly.  For blending... I still recommend the good ol' finger.

So the price is good - color choices are good - pigmentation is good... what about the wear ability you ask?  Well... it goes nowhere!  Unfortunately, I have a really bad habit of going to bed in my makeup.  (I know.... spare me the wrinkle lectures)  After my midnight slumber, I awoke to find that my eye makeup still looked amazing -- minus the flaky mascara and highlighter shade.

One tiny negative is that Revlon's website is kind of a waste.  It has little, to no information for consumers.  It's pretty, but pretty useless. SEE FOR YOURSELF 

Other than that, I'd have to say Revlon Satin Eye Shadow is worth the purchase.  There's no risk here.

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  1. I've always wondered if these were any good! Thanks for your post!!