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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loreal Paris Hair Color - Spice It Up

Ya know... it gets pretty difficult to feel like a goddess in the winter.  The dry air makes your skin feel all itchy... the frozen, whipping wind can actually give you wind burn... and you feel like the kid in the Christmas Story movie because you're wearing more layers of clothing than the law should allow!  That is just my feeling right now in the midst of January -- so it's time to spice things up!!

For my entire life, I've tried to maintain a natural beauty.  I never had my hair colored until I started working full time in television.  Even then, it was always done in a salon.  I decided to spread my wings and be adventurous -- I would color my own hair (dum dum dum... that's the dramatic music).
I decided to go with Loreal Paris Feria.  There were a gazillion options to choose from in the stores, but the reason I chose this product was because it promises "multi-faceted shimmering colour" and three times the highlights as other hair dyes.  Plus, the under $10 price tag made me jump for joy (on the inside) because of all the money I was saving.  It fits the bill -- BE FABUless (that means be fabulous for less money).

This honestly was a process that terrified me.  I kept telling myself if it was awful, I could wear a baseball cap until I could shell out the $150 it takes to get my hair professionally cut and colored.  Surprisingly, it was easy though.  The directions were made for dummies... mix this with that and shake.  Okay... no problem.  Got that.  The only thing I wish I would have better understood was the conditioner around the hairline.

The directions tell you to rub conditioner around your hairline so the dye doesn't turn your face, ears and neck a funky color.  What they don't tell you, is that you shouldn't let that conditioner touch your hair.  Although it is minor, my hair-dying virgin mind didn't know that it would keep the color from attaching at all.  There is a tiny, tiny line near my forehead that is missing some color.. but it's not noticeable until I have the hair slicked back in a pony tail (according to boyfriend).  :-)

Now for the actual color.  The color on the box isn't an exact match to the color my hair turned out.... but that's not a bad thing for me.  I love the shade it turned out to be on my hair.  I chose shade number 51 - Brazilian Brown.  Not that it would really mean anything to you other than if you're deciding if you like my color.

So... the smell is pretty typical.  It smells like hair color products, but they do give you a little packet of smell good liquid to pour into your mixture.  The conditioner inside is to die for!  I really enjoyed the fact that my hair felt so soft after piling all those chemicals on to it.  I wish I could buy just that conditioner to use once a month for a deep conditioning.  I'll have to look into that for you -- my devoted fans ;-)

This is a look at how my color turned out.  I wasn't overwhelmed by the highlights they promised.  It seems like a uniform color all over.  However, this may change when I spend a few days in actual sunlight.  It's been about three days since I took the leap.  I'll have to update this post if it fades, makes my hair fall out or magically turns purple on my head.  However, I'm not hoping for any of these options.

As it stands now.  I give this product a four out of five.

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