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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm

This product was the inspiration for becoming a blogger.  After trying out the Just Bitten lip stain, I put my opinion on facebook.... and the comments rolled in from tons of my female friends.  That was the fuel to my cosmetic bashing/highlighting fire.

You've probably seen the commercial.  The smoldering hot Jessica Biel... the haunting and taunting music... and the lip stain that promises to be different than all the rest.  (Exhibit A:  the commercial) 
The commercial was all it took for me to hit the store and after much deliberation, finally purchase the $9 lip stain.  I tried Twilight as my color.  The tube looked like a really pretty nude.. with a kick.  I was a bit nauseated at the fact that this was the last tube on the shelf -- because teeny boppers will buy anything affiliated with their vampire movie.  But I digress, it looked to be my color.

Color seemed to be the biggest problem.  The nude tube threw me off.  When I carefully applied the lip stain to my clean lips, it turned into this hideous Bordeaux color.  It was way too dark.... and no matter how much gloss and light colored lipstick I put on top -- the darkness bled through it all.  I scrubbed my lips throughout most of the day in the lady's room at work like a friggin' mad woman.  I was almost embarrassed at how raging my lips were all day.  I swore off the lip stain and went on a facebooking rant.

However, like most things... we should give at least one more try.  The second go 'round, I didn't carefully apply it.  I lightly smeared it across my lips, not filling in the creases when my lips pursed.  It worked like a charm (surprisingly).  The color more closely resembled the tube.  The balm makes the color just a bit lighter, but not much.  I find it more useful to put the stain on in the morning -- not apply the balm -- and add some thick, colored gloss throughout the day.  However, the balm is nice and soothing.

Just Bitten claims to be smudge proof -- I'll agree.  It stays with me for most of the day.  Revlon promises a kiss proof shine -- that's debatable.  I give the teeth brushing test.  It doesn't pass.  If you put on the stain... wait the 30 seconds they suggest... and then brush your teeth... you still get a light center and a darker rim on the outside.  I assume a juicy make out with Jessica Biel would result in very little product on the lips.  I have yet to test steamy kisses... however... it is nephew's cheek approved!

I give this Revlon's Just Bitten.... (drum roll please).... a 3 out of 5.

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