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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What the FLAKE?

Anyone who really knows me, understands that my lashes are of the utmost importance to my overall look.  I'll spend five minutes slapping on my makeup, but meticulously spend the next ten just on the mascara portion.  And why wouldn't I... the eyes are the window into my soul... and the window should have nice drapes.

So... I'm suckered into buying another product, promising me the most gorgeous eye lashes known to man.... and I'm intrigued.  I shelled out the nine bucks for L'Oreal Paris' Voluminous Million Lashes.  The fancy, golden packaging is oh, so enticing.  Plus, the product is said to be infused with collagen, which has to be good for the lashes, right?  This is also said to be a great option for people with contact lenses or allergies.

The first time I used this product.... I thought... hmmm... we may have a new favorite.  I loved the formula.  It is very wet, which can give you some time to do some lash shaping before it's dry.  There was just the right amount of product placed on the wand.  All positive here.

I continued using this product, implementing it into my everyday makeup routine.  However, the problems started showing up... on my cheeks.  After using the Million Lashes for over a week, I started realizing I had black specks all over my face.  Although the wand is really awesome and you don't get clumps during application.... you get face flakes.  It's really ridiculous the amount of flakes that would come off my eyes!  Seriously, without touching my eye area, hundreds of these things would appear on my cheek bones, on my nose and even stick to my lip gloss.  That is not kissable!

L'Oreal claims Million Lashes gives a "buildable" formula.  That basically means you can put on more than one coat without looking like you have spider legs on your eye lids.  The problem is, when I put on my first coat... I get flake face... the second coat is a mess!

Overall, I would not recommend this product to my friends.  I'm actually going to switch back to my old brand of mascara.  It's not worth nearly ten bucks.  This product gets a two out of five.

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  1. oh my god! i agree! i was sucked into buying it by the packaging and great reviews by youtube gurus, but it flakes SO MUCH! what a bummer. Not going to be purchasing this again... boo.